To use Code Kingdoms, all you need is a web browser. However Roblox and Minecraft have their own specific requirements.


Code Kingdoms teaches you how to use Roblox Studio, which you can download for free. It is only available on Mac or Windows computers. Other than that, it’s best to ensure a strong internet connection so all code is saved as you go along.

You can find more information about advised Roblox system requirements here:


You’ll need to purchase a copy of Minecraft Java Edition before using Code Kingdoms for Minecraft. Here’s a link to the Java Edition:

And here are the Minecraft system requirements:

A note on tablets

I'm afraid Code Kingdoms is not supported on an iPad/ tablet 😪. Although you can in theory code in your web browser, Minecraft and Roblox require a Mac/ Windows computer in order to test the code you write.

A note on Chromebooks

You can code with Code Kingdoms on Chromebook. However you'll need a Windows/ Mac computer to Roblox or a Windows/ Mac/ Linux machine to run Minecraft 👍.

If you are willing to install Linux on your Chromebook, you can certainly use it to run our Minecraft platform. However, this has some technical involvement, so if you are looking for a simple setup, we don't recommend purchasing our plans if you are a Chromebook user.

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