Safe Online Interactions

There are a number of actions you can take to ensure that your child remains safe online, and can still enjoy the social features of Roblox. 👪

Under-13 Accounts

By far the easiest way to ensure your child’s safety is to set their account to be under-13 years old. As explained in our general Roblox guide, accounts that have this set will automatically have a number of security features applied, which limit features like chat and what games can be played.

Still, if your child is mature and trustworthy, you may not wish to restrict their play with this feature. Roblox still allows you to implement all of the under-13 restrictions individually should you choose.

Account Privacy Features

Setting Roblox's privacy features individually is a simple matter. From your Roblox homepage, click the little gear in the top right hand corner to go to settings.

The first thing you will see is ‘Account Info’. What we want to do here is add an email address to the account, so that we can recover our details if we forget them and take advantage of some extra security features.

Click ‘Add Email’ and enter the address you want to use, then verify that address. The rest of the page allows you to add personal information and link social media accounts. Naturally, you should be careful about what information you choose to broadcast to others.

Now in the left-hand menu, click on ‘Security’.

Let’s explain each of these options:

  • 2-Step Verification provides an extra layer of protection against hackers accessing your account. When it is turned on, you will receive an email or text message (if you have added your phone number) containing a code whenever a new device (such as a PC in another country) tries to login. The login will not be able to proceed if they cannot enter the code. If you plan to subscribe or buy Robux, then we highly recommend you turn this on.

  • Account Pin is used to prevent changes to settings, by requiring a pin number to be entered whenever a setting is changed. The main reason to use this is if you are creating an account for your child and do not want to allow them to alter things.

  • Account Restrictions is used to limit what games are available to play and who can contact you. If it is turned on, then all content will be curated to ensure that nothing unsuitable can be accessed, while contact settings will be turned off. Once again, this is a good setting to use if you are creating an account for your child (this will be auto-enabled if the account is under 13 years of age).

  • Finally, Secure Sign-Out will log out your account of any other devices that it may have signed into, which you can use in case of signing in on public devices and forgetting to log out later.

Once you’re happy with the security settings, click ‘Privacy’ to add some final customization.

Privacy allows you to control who can message or chat to you, as well as who can invite you to their private servers or join you in games. Under-13s, even with Account restrictions turned off, cannot access many of the privacy options. Let’s go through this one by one:

  • Who can message me?

  • Who can chat with me in app?

  • Who can chat with me in game?

If you don’t want to adjust these, you can choose to use Roblox’s default setting (Only Friends can message and chat in app, everyone can chat in game) or set everything Off.

The Other Settings determine who can invite you to their own private servers - which might be used so only a certain group can play a game - and who can join you once you’re in a game, which you might use to invite your friends to the same server as you. Both settings have 5 options, but we recommend you set them to ‘Friends’ or ‘No one’.

Game Content

Every game that can be played through Roblox has been made by another Roblox user. This means a great deal of funny glitches and silly concepts, but can also mean that inappropriate content or viruses can be slipped into games in order to catch players unaware. Roblox themselves simply do not have the resources to inspect every game personally, which means it is up to the community to report bad content and prevent it from spreading.

Nonetheless, you should not be alarmed by news stories spreading lurid tales of sexual and offensive games; what these stories neglect to mention is that many of these games rely on downloading additional modifications to Roblox and are not accessible through the base game. It would be very hard for a child to stumble upon such things unless they put a lot of effort into searching for them.

Roblox Chat 

We’ve removed the chat so that strangers can’t talk to any of the people who play your game. If you’ve asked a parent/guardian for permission and want to add it back, you can do this by opening a new project in studio and copying the chat scripts across to your CK project. You can search for these in the Explorer to locate them 👍

Microtransactions 💰

You may have noticed that Roblox is free to download and play, which begs the question: how do they make their money? They use in-game purchases, called microtransactions, to provide special items or bonuses to the players. While these items are relatively cheap (around £5), they can really stack up, especially since these items are often ‘cosmetic’, meaning they alter appearances but do not have any actual game effect.

Microtransactions can be especially risky because Roblox do not sell items directly for money, but instead your cash is converted into Robux, which users can then use. Our Robux article explains this in more depth. If children essentially start seeing Robux as ‘Monopoly money’, then there is little chance that they will stop buying items they see as essential to the game.

To avoid racking up a considerable cost, follow our simple guide:

  1. Don’t register a credit/debit card

Roblox has a function where users can register their card details, so that future purchases can be made with just a few clicks. However, this can lead to children purchasing any number of items, but not just for Robux, for real money.  The simplest option to prevent this is just not to register a card on an account, and manually enter your details each time a purchase is made.

This need not be restrictive, however, since accounts purchase bundles of Robux and not individual items. If your child would like to buy several items at once, then it is possible to simply buy a large enough bundle of Robux to afford them all, paying only once.

2. Make use of prepaid Robux cards

A good way to encourage responsibility is to allow children to use their own money to buy things in game. A bank card is not even needed as major retailers now sell Robux cards which children can top-up with cash to use on the Roblox website. 💸


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