Hello! Before you get stuck in to coding your first game, take a look at our simple guide for using the Code Editor. Youโ€™ll be coding like a pro in no time! ๐ŸŽ‰


Our videos will give you all the information you need to create an awesome game. You can see how to drag and drop the coding blocks into the Code Editor, check your code is correct at the end of a chapter, and get a glimpse of what the game will look like when itโ€™s done!


This window lets you track how much experience you've earned across all of our courses. It also tells you which chapter you're coding right now, and (if coding Roblox) whether the Code Editor is connected to Roblox Studio.

Smart Console

Everyone can use a little help sometimes. That's how we become better coders! This window will tell you if there are any mistakes in your code. You can also request hints if you're stuck. ๐Ÿ’ฌ

Code Library

All the code you need for your current chapter can be found in the code library. You can either scroll down to find what you need, or search using the search bar. As you progress through the chapters, more code will become available.ย 

Coding Area

This is where the magic happens! All your methods, loops, blocks, and variables will be placed here. If you ever receive an error message or can't move on to the next chapter, it's because something in here is not quite right. If the game you're coding is the cake, then this here is the mixing bowl.


If you're already a coding pro, you may want to try out Epic Mode. In here you'll find no more blocks to drag and drop, but text code like pros use! This is not for beginners, so be sure to do plenty of courses before you give it a try. ๐Ÿ‘€

The two arrows are for the undo and redo functions. If you made a mistake, you can reverse it. Or, if you undo by accident, you can redo to set your code right again. โœ…ย 

The download project button links your Code Editor to Roblox Studio. There are options to skip or restart the chapter if you get stuck, restore your code to an earlier version, and you can download a written guide to the course if you prefer.

We hope you enjoy all the features the Code Editor has to offer, and we wish you well on your coding adventure!ย 

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