In order to code your own Roblox games with the Code Kingdoms Code Editor, you'll need to add the Code Kingdoms plugin to Roblox Studio. This is so the Code Editor can transfer your code to your Roblox Studio project.

Firstly, make sure you have are logged into your Roblox account and have Roblox Studio installed. If you don't, you can download it from the Roblox website.Β 

Once Roblox Studio is installed, click the following link to go to the plugin's install page.

Next, click on the Install button. Clicking this link will open Roblox Studio and install the plugin. Your web browser may ask for permission before opening Roblox Studio.

Note: If you are having problems installing the plugin this way, please verify you are logged into both Roblox in your web browser and Roblox Studio with the same Roblox account. If these issues persist, please try using an alternative web browser (we recommend Google Chrome).

Are you getting an error saying purchase not available? This error is misleading and we are working with Roblox to improve the message 😩. It simply means you are logged into a different Roblox account on the Roblox website compared to the one logged into Roblox Studio.

Now we can set Roblox Studio aside for the time being, and navigate back to the Code Kingdoms homepage. You will see the following options displayed at the top of the screen:

Click on Start Coding, and choose Roblox. Click on Start a new course and choose your first project. This will then direct you to the Code Editor.Β 

When you begin a new course, you will need to download the Roblox project for that course so that it connects the Code Editor to Roblox Studio. Β 

To connect Code Kingdoms to Roblox Studio, click on the download icon in the Toolbox on the right of the Editor.Β 

Once the download is complete, this should open automatically in Roblox Studio. Alternatively, if the project doesn’t automatically open up after installing, open Roblox Studio, click File, then click Open. Find the project in the Downloads folder, and open it.

Is the plugin installed but saying it has not linked your Code Kingdoms user?

Roblox recently changed the permission system with Roblox which has caused some confusion 😞. Here are some steps to fix it!
First, please can you check the Code Kingdoms plugin is installed? If you click the "Manage Plugins" button in the plugin menu you should see both the Code Kingdoms plugin in the list, and the Unlink button in the menu:



Click the edit button in plugin the bottom right of this screenshot


Then, make sure the service-production HTTP is ticked along with any other requests such as "script injection":


Once you reload the project it should connect again.

Getting errors when installing?

If you are getting errors from Roblox Studio when attempting to install the plugin, there may be a bug in Roblox Studio with your configuration. We are working with Roblox to address these bugs. They are rare, so the steps in the article above are most likely to address your issues.

In this situation we recommend to try downloading our plugin manually and place it in your plugins folder manually. You can find the plugin attached to this message.

To do this:

  1. Download the plugin directly here:

  2. Save it to your downloads folder, and copy it

  3. Click on "Plugins Folder" in the Plugins menu of Studio:



4. This will open the "Plugins" folder on your computer, found inside Documents -> Roblox
5. Paste this downloaded file into this folder on your computer
6. Close and reopen Studio



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