If you run into any issues with the Code Kingdoms plugin in Roblox Studio, follow the instructions in the Install Plugin article to ensure you're set up correctly.

However, if you still find yourself having issues, we would suggest trying the following:

Firstly, in the Code Kingdoms Code Editor, start a new course, download the Roblox Studio project from the right of the Code Editor, and open it. It should automatically open in Roblox Studio.

On the Plugins tab in Roblox Studio, click Unlink Editor.

Now, go back to the Code Kingdoms Editor. 

Check the chat window at the top of the Editor. You should see a message similar to the one below. If you click Yes, it should link your CK account to Roblox Studio, so everything should start working!

If you continue to have problems, please get in touch with us via the blue chat button, making sure you include screenshots of:

  1. The messages in the Output view in Roblox Studio when you open up your Code Kingdoms project there.

  2. The chat window at the top of the Code Editor after you've opened the project.

To print screen, on Windows press the Print Screen key on your keyboard to take a screenshot. On Mac, press cmd + shift + 4. You can then paste it in the chat window using ctrl + v, or cmd + v. We will then be better equipped to help you get it sorted, and start coding!

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