Under the Resources tab, you will find all the guides, PDF walkthroughs and help sheets you will need. 

Once you click on the Resources tab, you will be navigated to a list of Supplementary Resources. The list includes a Course Catalogue, Code Editor Documentation, Handouts, a Technical Requirements Guide, Troubleshooting Guide, Market Assets and a Discount Code, with descriptions underneath to explain each in more detail.

Click on View PDF to download the resources. You will also have the option to click Download for non-PDFs. 

If you scroll down the Resources page, you will see a list of Lesson Plan Resources for each project.  The View PDF button provides you with a written walkthrough of the project. This can be used to teach lessons in place of our video tutorials. The Download Code button provides the zip file of the finished code for each project. 

The Download Code button can show students the completed project and act as a great motivator at the start of the lesson!

In addition to the info in FAQ section of the Code Kingdoms website, instructors can click the support icon in the bottom right of the screen. This will put you in touch with one of our support team, who will be able to help you out. 

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