Students will need to join the group to access the Code Editor.

Click your group name in the list on the Groups tab:

Once you click on your group name, it should appear like this:

The first thing you need to do is to set your group to open, using the button at the top of the page.  When prompted, choose the close date, and click Open Group

Double check that the group is open, as students will not be able to do any coding if the group is closed!

You can find the above display under the Setup tab. We recommend showing the above on a projector in your class so that students can follow along easily. 

Under the Students tab, you are able to log a student out (using the power icon), reset a student's password (using the lock icon), view a student's individual progress (using the medal icon), and remove a student from a group (using the bin icon).

In Minecraft Settings and Roblox Settings, instructors can control the in-editor experience. This includes providing hints, the option to skip steps, if students can download PDF guides and which courses they can do. There is also the option to have Read-only access, which means they can show their parents what they have done! 

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