If you've checked your code against the end-of-chapter code in our course video, and everything seems to be right, why on earth is the Code Editor telling you it's wrong? 🧐

This can sometimes be the most infuriating part of coding, when all of the logic is correct but the most minor issue is preventing you from completing the chapter and getting that course badge.

There's some stuff you should check for first when your code isn't ticking off:

  1. Check for any errors in your code. What does your chat window say? Is anything highlighted in red? If you're getting any error messages, take a look at the file that is mentioned in the message, and carefully check the content of any line that is causing the error. If you really can't work it out, send us a screenshot!

  2. Check the hints for your current step. The chat window at the top should prompt you to ask for a hint - what does the hint say? Does it match up to your code exactly? Make sure you spell everything exactly right!

  3. Check the video again - Lara may have done something slightly differently in the video to you. It can be easy to miss some of the details!

Here's an example:

This ☝️ is an OnCreate method taken from Prison Escape. Every time I click the hint button, I get this error message:

The Code Editor won't recognise my method! It's such a small difference, but the 'o' and 'c' in oncreate need to be capitalised so it reads 'OnCreate.' After that, the Code Editor ticks it off and I can move on! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ€©

If you get completely stuck, don't forget you can always skip the current chapter with the Skip Chapter button on the right of the code editor πŸ‘ Β 

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