A day credit gives 1 student access to the Code Kingdoms platform for a 24-hour period. Therefore, our credit system requires 1 day credit per session for each student. So, for example, if you are hosting a camp for 5 days, you would need 5 day credits per student. So, if there are 20 students, you would need a total of 100 day credits. 

The image above displays the most popular choices for choosing a package, but we also have the Medium and Large Camp packages. The main difference between the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) package and the Small Camp Package is that the credits in the PAYG package do not expire. Credits in the non-PAYG packages will expire after 12 months, but can be used at any time during the 12 month period.

To give an example with a Small Camp package, the 500 day credits would allow you to teach 100 students a day for a 5 day period. This is in comparison to teaching 20 students for 5 days with the PAYG package. 

We will usually contact you if we are under the impression that your camp is running out of credits, but if you get there first, just send us an email at camps@codekingdoms.com and we will get more credits sorted for you in a fairly speedy manner!  

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