Our courses are designed by experienced teachers to meet an internationally recognised Computing curriculum. With Code Kingdoms, learning is the currency for progression so the more they're doing, the more they're learning!

To view your child's progress you need to login to their account.

When you make a purchase you receive a payment receipt which contains a unique link to manage your billing account. From here you can manage your child users.

If you are no longer logged into the website after your purchase and your link has expired (it does after a while for security reasons), go to our login page then enter your purchase email address and click "Email Login Link" to get one sent to your email address 🙂.

Once logged into your billing account you'll see all your child users under your billing details. Here is an example below:

This customer only has one user slot. If you have a family account you'll have 5.

I can login as my child user "wittytoad" by clicking the "Start coding" button next to their name.

Once logged in click on the "Progress" tab to view their progression. Here is an example below of the Minecraft courses completed:

And their specific progression linked to the our international Computing learning progression:

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