We use Vimeo to upload our course videos. Check out this page and see if our videos play there. If they do, you may have just encountered a video player bug or an internet connection issue when attempting to play them in the editor - that should sort itself out!

If that page also doesn't work, check if you have a firewall/ parental control software active, as these may be interfering with our videos. If you do have a firewall, either turn it off, or add Vimeo to the list of whitelisted sites. If you have another connection available to check against, such as your mobile network, try connecting to that on the same device and see if you have access through that.Β 

Another possible reason is Vimeo is blocked by the government in your country. We use Vimeo as it is widely supported worldwide (unlike platforms such as YouTube), but some countries still block access. You can use a VPN to access your Internet outside your country to address this.

It's also worth checking that your web browser is up to date, in case that is causing issues. We always recommend Google Chrome as the best browser to use Code Kingdoms.

If none of these solutions work for you, let us know! Drop us a message and we can help you further - make sure when you get in touch that you tell us the error you see when you try and visit the link above. It'll help us get to the bottom of the issue much quicker πŸ‘

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