Welcome to Code Kingdoms and thank you for purchasing an account with us πŸ˜ƒ.

When you make a purchase you receive a payment receipt which contains a unique link to manage your billing account. From here you can setup your child users. The idea is you, as the purchaser, have a billing account, and kids have their own unique logins that either you or they can setup.

If you are no longer logged into the website after your purchase or your link has expired (it does after around a week for security reasons), go to our login page then enter your purchase email address and click "Email Login Link" to get one sent to your email address πŸ™‚.

Once logged into your billing account you'll see all your child users under your billing details. Here is an example below:


This customer (it's actually my account πŸ‘‹) only has one user slot. If you have a family account you'll have 5.

I can login as my child user "wittytoad" by clicking the "Start coding" button next to their name.

If however, if they are an "open slot" you have a few options. You can:

  1. Click "Start coding" and setup an account for them. If you prefer you can just handover to your child at this point.

  2. Copy the register link and give this is your child. This is unique and lets your child setup their own username and password. Please note, child accounts do not require an email address and they are used for the purpose of resetting passwords. If your child forgets their password without setting an email, the billing user can login as them and set a new one.

  3. Add an existing username to your billing plan.


You can also set a password on your billing account. via the "details" tab for future use.

How to start actually coding

Once you are logged in as a child user click 'Start Coding' in the top right hand corner menu bar:

Once you've selected your platform (Minecraft or Roblox), click the big 'Start a new course' button to bring up the course options. If this is your first visit, it's best to choose the beginner course ('Prison Escape' for Roblox, 'Sheep City' for Minecraft).

Finally, click the 'Start' button to open up the Code Editor.

We always recommend that you start with the beginner courses - they introduce you to the Code Editor and future courses will be much easier once you know your way around! πŸ‘

If you get completely stuck, let us know - we're here to help! 😊

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